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Togo forms its first national facilitators

Publié le mardi 27 novembre 2012, par

Take precedence over conflicting situations and avoid having foreign mediators or facilitators to solve the crisis. It is the objective in the short and medium term process initiated since Tuesday 20th November by the Togolese government through a training seminar for first national facilitators.

What are the techniques of negotiation, mediation and facilitation of conflicts to deploy within the Togolese population ? This is the question that answers the training workshop of forty people resources, media, religious leaders, traditional leaders, women and youth leaders, opened Tuesday, November 21 in the Togolese capital and initiative of the Ministry in charge of human rights and civic education.

For four days, the participants in this seminar will follow a dozen presentations, group work and refunds panels, whose purpose is to allow them to take ownership of the first challenges to peace and share them with people.
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