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Open site for the creation of a Professional Football League

Publié le vendredi 22 avril 2022, par Gabinho

The project began this Wednesday, April 20, 2022 through a three-day meeting which should make it possible to lay the legal foundations of such a Professional Football League.

In the words of the holder of the Sports and Leisure portfolio in the government, Dr Lidi Bessi-Kama, “the will of the Head of State is to make sport a lever for the socio-economic development of our country. This objective can only be achieved through professionalization. We want to get our players out of precariousness and give everyone who plays football a chance to make a living from their talent. Through this workshop, the government intends to offer all stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the draft texts in a friendly, constructive spirit. To amend it if necessary in order to pave the way for the advent of the Professional Football League. I remain convinced that with the Professional League of Togolese Football, the page of football business, and this, through the sports companies will open for the happiness of the entrepreneurs who will make the choice to invest there ".

An opinion also shared by the president of the FTF, Guy Kossi Akpovy who during this work, indicated that "it is obvious that the validation of the texts relating to the professionalization of football in Togo will make our discipline more competitive, attractive and efficient. I would like here on your behalf to express our gratitude to the Minister of Sports and Recreation for her dynamism and her ability to listen which have allowed us to be where we are today. It is clear that his commitment has given a new dimension to this sport on the African chessboard. History will remember that it was under his leadership that a hopeful new day dawned for our football.”

In the long term, it will be necessary to expect a cohabitation between the League projected for the professionalization of a certain number of clubs and the FTF.

For information, this project of the professionalization of Togolese football with a view to removing the first actors, the footballers of the clubs of the elite championships of Togo, from precariousness, is started only 11 months after the vote and the promulgation of the Law No. 2021-008 of May 07, 2021 setting the rules for the organization, development and promotion of physical and sports activities in Togo.